Thursday, March 11, 2010

Growing Up: 13 Months

We've all 3 been a little under the weather for various reasons at our house for the past 7 days, but things are looking up! God was taking complete care of each one of us as always and thankfully Nathan and I alternated being well enough to take care of Hayes each day. You truly depend only on each other when you have no grandparents in town and each sickness/scare brings another true bonding experience! I hope this is the end of the sicknesses for this household for 2010! Now I feel spring coming on and we are all ready for that!!

Bye-bye old carseat!

Hello big girl car seat!

She's a little over 13 months and growing way too fast and making big changes everyday. Her favorite toys right now are her 3 little pigs w/playhouses, plastic rings, books (although she doesn't want you to read them to her-maybe half of a story at times), her talking tea set, piano, necklaces which she takes off and puts back on constantly, and her laundry basket. She's a funny eater. Today she ate peas and butterbeans for lunch and loved them. Lately she has not napped in the afternoon, just lays in her bed and plays, talks, makes noises and explores. She throws everything out of her crib. We can expect to hear a loud bump about 15 seconds after she gets in her bed from throwing her glow worm or baby dolls down on the floor. She can reach the blinds from her bed and bangs them against the wall and thinks it is hilarious, and it really is very funny to peek in and watch that!

Today we had a lunchtime ice cream date with Daddy. She knows her Daddy will share some ice cream with her. If he ever has anything in a cup or bowl, she will drop everything in her hands and stand right underneath him like a puppy. And that man can't say no to her. She gets all the ice cream she wants from him. Mommy is a different story-she doesn't like to share her food-hahaha!

We made a quick trip to the park afterwards. I could eat those little baby legs and feet!

Happy Spring! Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the beautiful weather!!


Jason and Emily Fill said...

Oh Amy! She is so beautiful! Glad everyone is better! :) Your blog and pictures just bring the biggest smile to my face!!

lindseykennedy said...

Oh she is such a big girl now! I love the ice cream picture too. Sweet little puppy. She can come to my house and eat our ice cream all she wants! Baker will share.

Susannah said...

She is so precious Amy! Those sweet little legs and feet!!! :)

Shireen said...

Hayes is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I mean it! WOW! Look at that picture of her as you share that she's eating ice cream. She is just gorgeous! M-M-M! Watch out, Daddy! You're gonna have your hands FULL! :)
I'm sorry yall were all so sick, but praise the Lord for your perspective! Glad that you're all well, now, too!
Yay for the Spring weather!!! At last! Wanna plan a play date for next Friday or the next week? :) We could meet at the park and let the kiddos play!