Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th in pictures

We had a great long holiday weekend! I love it when Nathan has the day off, it makes the weekend so much better to me! I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. Something about both the pool and my camera scares me-haha! (therefore, I have no documentation of our many pool trips so far this summer-better safe than camera-less.) On Saturday we spent the day in Tuscaloosa at Brent and Lindsey's. We swam and ate all day. They have such a great pool in their nice backyard. Hayes loved swimming and loved playing with Baker and his toys, all new to her! Despite her blank expression in most of these pictures, she really did have a great time!

Just waking up from her nap to have some watermelon. She could not take her eyes off Nathan in the pool though!

On Sunday we went to church and then to eat lunch with my Dad's side of the family at my aunt and uncle's house. Our big cousins were there and we're always happy to see them! This is Hayes and her cousin John Lee (2)-the youngest of 9 cousins here in B'ham!

Sunday night we went to the Homewood 4th of July festival. It was fun, but Hayes was too little to ride or jump in anything-maybe next year!

I can't even remember what we did on Monday-just played all day I think! We were just so glad to have Nathan home with us all day. It was a very nice and relaxing weekend being together! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Regan said...

miss you guys!!! So glad you got to spend time with your hubs on Monday. Little Miss Hayes is getting so big!!