Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Beach Trip, Part 1

I'm going to do my best to document our fun times we just had at the beach! I hope it won't be too long, but I have a hard time leaving things out! We went to Dothan on Friday afternoon and spent the night w/Nana and Papa to make the trip a little shorter. Hayes did incredibly well in the car on the way and I'm sure it was because Daddy was with us. She never does that good if it's just the two of us. We played a few games of peek a boo and lots of her favorite music-Cedarmont Kids Hymns-(she's obsessed with this) to make the time pass.

That night our sweet big cousin, Holley, came home from a week at camp!! She is SO big. I can't believe she went for a whole week by herself. She loved it. We're so proud of you always, Holley-and almost a 3rd grader-WOW!!

We spent the night with Nana and Papa Friday night-Hayes loves their yard. It's always beautiful thanks to Papa! She found her favorite spot!!

We got to Panama City on Saturday and went straight down to the pool and beach. Hayes looks like she is having a ball with her feet in the wet sand in this picture below-don't let it fool you!! She did love the waves and water, but she had an extreme fear of the sand!! I don't know why. It was beautiful but she would not put her feet down for a second on the dry sand. She screamed and climbed up both of us like a monkey. Maybe next year!

We went out to eat ALOT, like every night. Not the easiest thing with an active toddler. But we do like a challenge, especially if good food is involved-haha! The restaurant activity bucket came in very handy. Hayes loves all the toys and junk we keep in there. We use it every time we go out to eat. Stickers are her favorite thing right now.

DID NOT like the lifejacket swimsuit we bought her while we were there. But the child would not stay in her float and didn't want to be held in the pool for very long. I really don't blame her though, it looked very uncomfortable!

Thank goodness for sweet Daddy-she spent a lot of time over his shoulder in the pool!

Our family at Boondocks-we loved this place. They had live music outside and ducks everywhere that were fun for Hayes to chase around!

Nana, Aunt Alyssa, and our big cousins all came on Tuesday to entertain us. Hayes loves her cousins!! They are so sweet to her and she absolutely adores them. H and MH are so funny to her. She laughs at everything they do and loves for them to chase her. I soooo wish Holley lived in B'ham!! She would be a great babysitter!

at Pier Park

Thanks Nana and Papa for an awesome trip to the beach!! It was beautiful (and oil-free!) We can't wait to do it again next year! On Wednesday morning we packed all of our 9 million items up and got ready for our next stop, Orange Beach!! Be back later with the rest of the week!

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