Friday, May 18, 2012

The Ballet Recital

Hayes had her first ballet recital this past week. It was so, so, so incredibly sweet! Her class was first and they were called the Sweet Peas. When they opened the curtains and all those little blue ballerinas were on stage and my Hayes was one of them I thought I was going to die. I could not help but get teary. They are all 2/3 and they really did so good. Nobody cried or got upset and they all participated at some point! They did one dance and then they called out all their names and they each did a little bow. It makes all those months of not knowing whether or not she loved ballet yet all worth it. She loved wearing her blue (favorite color) sequined costume and being part of the recital. We're so proud of her!! She was so excited once she got dressed she could hardly stand it! She loved being dressed up!
Hayes and sweet friend, Lily-We celebrated afterwards with ice cream at Dairy Queen w/the Grubbs. It was a fun and special night. Little man did not get to attend. It was too late for him! Hayes was a little sad he did not get to come. Maybe next year!

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