Monday, April 29, 2013

Class Pictures, The Zoo and Pool

Hayes had her class picture taken a few weeks ago. I love looking at those. The kids look so much bigger this year than last year. It's amazing how quickly they change. I snapped a few pics of her before school that day. I cannot believe how big she looks! 4 yrs and 3 months. Only 2 weeks left of school and then she will start the 4 yr old class in September. She LOVES school. I attribute that to her wonderful teachers this year. They have been so good for her. Last weekend Nana and Papa came for the weekend! We went to the zoo on Saturday. Beautiful day and so crowded. We love the zoo and go pretty often. And we really don't ever get tired of it! Hayes rode the camel with Nana which was a first for both. Usually we just wave at the camels when we walk by. This mama doesn't usually do all the extras at the zoo! But grandparents are different! Nathan and I had a one day/night child-free get away and the kids came up to the pool the next day. This was a good trial run to see if Watson would even like the pool-last summer he did not care for it. They both warmed up quickly and loved it and swam all over the pool in their puddlejumpers. Both did the slide and loved that too. Thankfully it was a semi-warm day for swimming! Thank you so much to Nana and Papa for keeping our babies!! It's so nice to have a little break every now and then. Dawson playdate with riding toys and sweet friends...this pic is kind of fuzzy-my 2 are the ones in helmets! Lastly, this is why you should never, ever buy non-washable crayons if you have a 2 year old. Thankfully, these were washable. Watson colored purple crayon all over in his room, our bedroom, the hallway, and Hayes' desk. No harm done but a good lesson. Spend that extra $1 for washable!

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