Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby to Toddler

This is very random but I was looking back through my pictures on my computer (don't you do this all the time too? It's one of my favorite things) looking at February pics from last year. How crazy how quickly babies change!! It seems like just a flash ago when she was this size! She loved this purple paci and I still keep this one on her changing table to keep her happy and distracted while I change her. It seems like she should still be this little, laying in her swing and napping in her boppy pillow.

And now this, 1 year later, February 2010! Sitting up so big, eating bananas for her afternoon snack and looking at the TV!

My baby has definitely morphed into a toddler. I feel like we are in a whole new stage every day, which lately is keeping her out of the trashcans, toilet tissue (her favorite) and the pantry, and now trying to get her re-interested in eating! She has decided recently that she doesn't want to be a big eater anymore (not at all like her momma and daddy.) I'm praying she doesn't become a picky eater! I just keep giving her a variety of foods to prevent this and hope that will help. She is a constant learning process for me!!


TP said...

Ohhhh, that little Hayes. I can barely remember her being that little which is sad to me. Its amazing how you forget. I want to bottle them up and keep them little. I hope she starts eating better for you!

lindseykennedy said...

Sorry, somehow I was logged in as someone else. The first comment was from me!

Susannah said...

She is just so precious! Anderson goes through stages of eating and not-eating. He loves bananas one minutes and hates them the next. Definitely know how you feel!

Tara said...

I love the new blog pic of her at the top!
Eating is an ongoing challenge around here. I now let Brooks drink at least on Pedisure's a day because he has gotten really picky lately. Surprisingly, they taste pretty good and he thinks it's a treat! When he was 1 or 2, if he ate one good meal a day, I was happy. Doesn't that sound crazy? But the doctors told us they will let you know when they are hungry and full. So I try not to stress too much about it. It's hard not to though!!