Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This will just be a short blog post-no direction just lots of little things. We are enjoying a slower paced week this week and I love it. It is freezing cold outside and we are home for the day. Hayes is napping and I have already put my pajamas back on!! We braved the cold rain and went to a wonderful moms bible study this morning. It was on strengthening your marriage and was great and refreshing, and the 2 ladies who led it are always so good to listen to. They teach a 14 week newlywed class at our church on Sundays along with their husbands, and are full of wisdom and good words. I highly recommend the class if you are getting married/newly married or are looking for a place to get plugged in to! (Email me if you want some info.) Then we went to lunch with our good friend Lindsey D. at Zoe's and Hayes had a great time staring at everyone. She is getting to be quite a handful and I'm afraid our days of eating out are getting short. She can be a total monkey, so funny, loves to look at strangers, and will squint her eyes and smile her biggest cheese smile and wave at them. She had her eye on an older man in the restaurant sitting behind us and kept waving at him while we ate.

I had to share this picture that our Aunt Lindsey took at Hayes' bday party. She got this rocking horse from Nana and Papa and she loves it. She likes to pat him on the back and will get on him for a few seconds and then wants to get down. She really likes having him in our living room!

Change of subject...Hayes has not yet really noticed the TV and I've been wondering when little ones start doing that. She would never pay any attention to baby einstein or miss pattycake when I've turned one on. Well this past weekend I pulled out a dvd my sister gave us, an old cedarmont kids dvd and she likes it! This one we have is really old (I'm sure they've updated now) but she still loved it. She actually looked at it and paid attention for a few minutes, long enough for me to unload the dishwasher while she ate her snack. We have 2 of the cd's and they're so sweet and now 2 of the dvd's. And now we love the Cedarmont Kids!!

If you live in the B'ham area then you know the Mercedes Marathon is coming up this weekend! I don't think I've mentioned on this blog before that Nathan is the runner in our family. It's a vital part of his day every day (besides going to work and then spending some time with us of course) but he loves it and is passionate about getting his run in every day, even if it's in the early morning hours. He is planning to run the full marathon on Sunday. I'm so proud of him and I know he'll do great. He has been working hard with his training and getting up super early on weekdays and Saturday mornings (like 4 am!) to run before Hayes and I even think about getting up for the day just so he'll be here with us in the mornings. He's a devoted man to say the least! Say a prayer for him on Sunday if you think about it! I'm sure he would appreciate it!!


Shireen said...

LOVE Hayes' picture at the top of the blog!!
SO impressed that Nathan's a runner and that he's running the WHOLE marathon! YIKES! AMAZING!!! WOW!
Thought about yall as I was driving down I-65S this morning! :)

lindseykennedy said...

Well, I think I told you that Baker Man already loves to watch TV. He will sit entertained for a while. I don't know if this is good or bad. This morning I had the top TV on The Bachelor and the bottom tv on a cartoon in his sight range but he chose to break his neck to watch the Bachelor.

Regan said...

Love the new pic at the top!! I really think we need to arrange a time to get together and let the kids meet! my email address is regan.lawson@gmail.com. Please email me sometime! Hayes is so precious! Oh, and GO NATHAN!!! So proud of him and his commitment! Please tell him the Lawsons will be cheering him on from Fairhope!

Anonymous said...

I love the new Hayes photo too!!!!
Nathan, good luck! That is awesome!


Shannon said...

I'll be praying for Nathan this sunday for sure!
Collier also loves the Cedarmont kids and will sit and watch the entire DVD. The lip-singing couldn't be any worse but it certainly keeps their attention. Collier doesn't like Einstein either. too funny.

Carrie Wells said...

I love the new pictures of Hayes!! I'll say a prayer for Nathan on Sunday! My cousin is running in that also.