Monday, February 15, 2010

Mercedes Marathon

He did it! Nathan finished the Mercedes Marathon yesterday and did such a great job! I am sooooo proud of him!! Hayes and I bundled up and went downtown to wait for him at the finish line yesterday morning, along with our good friends Jason and Emily. We had a general idea of what time he might finish but it was so hectic and really hard to see the runners up close and I was so afraid we had missed him already. So we waited and watched for him, and then finally we saw him!! I was SO happy to see that man coming around the corner! This first picture is of his legs b/c I was so excited to see him and cut his head off! At least I got his legs in action though!

Then his smiling face!!

Hayes was not quite as excited as the rest of us about her daddy running 26 miles. Probably the freezing cold weather and the layers of clothes, blankets and 2 hats on her-sorry Hayes!!

Our good friends, Jason and Emily, thanks for being there and being so supportive! We love y'all!!

Great family picture-everyone looking 3 different directions-haha oh well! Congrats to our super athletic daddy. Hope Hayesie Daisy takes after him!!


Brandi Bartee said...

Congrats to Nathan! That is awesome and I know you are proud. It is amazing to me how people can do that run!

aedozier said...

Way to go Nathan!!! What a great accomplishment!

lindseykennedy said...

I still can't believe he did this. CRAZY! We are def not related. I don't even think i could run 1/2 mile right now. Did he go running the next day? I keep wondering that.

Beth said...

Congrats!!! That's wonderful!!

Our Family said...

Great job Nathan!! So impressed!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Nathan!
You rock! What an accomplishment!


Regan said...

Amy! I love how supportive and proud you are of Nathan! You are such a sweet wife. Go Nathan!!!!! I'm very very impressed :). Can't wait to see you guys!