Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend revolved around 2 of my favorite things-FOOD and PEOPLE!! It really was a perfect weekend b/c I got a good dose of both!! Friday night we ate Mexican, which is always a great start to our weekend- My all time favorite food (one of them:) and I know I could eat it at least 6 days a week. Hayes did not want to cooperate-would not sit down in the restaurant high chair for anything and had zero interest in coloring- so that was a super fast food meal, but delicious anyway.
Then Nana and Papa came in town (my mom and stepdad) and we had great visit with them!! They brought Hayes the best surprise, a new baby doll stroller!! Thanks Nana for always being so thoughtful!! (And for reading the blog and knowing that I have been wanting to get her one since our trip to ATL.) That thing has been strolled so fast and furiously around this house already, I don't know how long it will last. We may need a new one next month. She is CRAZY about pushing her baby dolls around and just recently figured out this morning that she could sit/stand in it. She's a mess. I just hope it makes it to the end of the week at least!

Saturday morning we went to Rossbridge to eat breakfast with Nana and Papa. YUMMY! If you live in B'ham and haven't been out there for breakfast you are missing out!! It is such a treat and we love doing that. We have to save that for special occasions though. Then afterwards, we had our first pool time of the year! It was a little windy outside so we took Hayes to the indoor pool and she was so excited. She loved floating around in the pool and having her daddy pull her around. Now we're really ready for summer around here and I'm so glad to know she will love the water!!

Sunday for Mother's Day we had Baker Boy's dedication in Tuscaloosa. It was special and very sweet and we were so happy to be a part of that meaningful day with Lindsey and Brent. Baker did so well and didn't make a peep, much better than some of the other babies (haha!) We ate lunch at Lindsey's with the rest of Nathan's family. Thanks for having us Lindsey!! You can see more pictures on Lindsey's blog.

Cousins (sadly this is the best one I got with my camera) 15 months and 6 months

It was a nice weekend and we're so glad we got to see both of our moms and Nathan's grandmother. We are going to visit my sweet Grandmama today. We are so thankful for them all. And I'm especially thankful this year to get to be a mommy to my sweet little girl who made me the sweetest little footprint picture frame at school! Thanks Nathan and Hayes for making this Mother's Day so sweet for me. Y'all are the best!!


lindseykennedy said...

Thats hilarious that she is so rough with her stroller. I wonder if you will catch her spanking her babies. hehehe. Thanks again for everything you did for Baker! It was a great day!

Brandi Bartee said...

We take a baby stroller like that anytime we go on trips. It is the only toy Zetta Grace needs and is perfect if we are in a hotel. Loved the pictures and her swimsuit. Her hair looks so cute with her bows too. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day and what fun to be there with Baker on his special day.

Jason and Emily Fill said...

Those pictures are so fun!! Looks like Miss Hayes is having a ball!

merrick said...

I love the picture of Baby Hayes in the pool! She's got the sweetest smile!

Brandi Bartee said...

My Dad is now the CEO at Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham. He has an apartment there and they kept their house in Dothan. He travels home on the weekends and my Mom spends some time in Bham. The company that owns Flowers also owns Trinity and asked him to go there to be CEO since they are trying to move to the digital hospital on 280.