Thursday, May 20, 2010

Special Birthdays and a Graduation

April and May are busy birthday months for our big cousins in Dothan. Our oldest niece, Holley, turned EIGHT years old last week!! I cannot believe you are that old Holley!! I remember the day she was born, I was driving back to Birmingham after being home for Mother's Day weekend. I had just left after lunch and knew she was going to have the baby any day. My dad called right after I left and said Alyssa was at the hospital and the baby was on her way!! Ahhhh! I had to go back to B'ham for work and I was so sad it was happening right when I left. Holley was born the next morning. It was a long week until I could get back on Friday to see her!! Holley you are so precious to us, my first niece, such a sweet and smart girl and growing up so fast. We love you so much. Thank you for being a little angel and for setting a good, godly example for Hayes. I hope she can learn to play the violin like you one day! She loves and adores you and we do too!!

Hayes loves Holley!

I can barely remember Hayes being this small. Wow, how a baby changes over just a few months.

And then there is little brother Carson who just turned FOUR yesterday!! What a funny little boy! He's the baby, all boy, wild and such a monkey!! Hayes just loves to watch and play with him. Carson, Hayes cannot wait to come spend the night w/you and go to your birthday party. We love you, little buddy!! Hope your day was super special!!

And tonight is a big night for Mary Hannah-she is graduating from kindergarten at First Pres! I think a kindergarten graduation is so cute. We are so happy for you, MH. So smart and ready for 1st grade in the fall, big 6 year old! We can't wait to hang out with all of you this summer and PLAY!!

Also an update on Michael: Thank you so much for all who have prayed for and asked about Michael!! I know most of you probably know from FB that he is doing much better. He is out of ICU and in a regular room. I'm not sure when he will be going home but hopefully in the next couple of weeks!! I have only talked to Sue through texts this week but it seems that he is on the up and up!! Praise God for protecting him from what could have been so much worse and for the healing of his body so quickly. Please pray for continued strength and a quick recovery so they can all be back home together again in Dothan. Thanks for the prayers for their family-they are beyond grateful!!


lindseykennedy said...

Such sweet cousins Daisy has. I can't remember her being this small either Amy!! It makes me sad. That was not that long ago. She is so little. I hate how fast they grow. I shouldn't, but I do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Aunt Amy, for the wonderful birthday post you did in our honor! We LOVED looking at all the sweet pics of us w/Hayesie and we just giggled and laughed about every little thing you said about us, and loved every bit of it! We love y'all SOOOOOO much!!! Does Birmingham know how lucky it is to have y'all there? Dothan is JEALOUS! Come home and visit SOON! Can't wait to see y'all Friday!