Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend and the Move!

It is Sunday afternoon and my husband and baby are taking their naps, so I figured this was a good time to update the blog. We all used to take really long Sunday naps around here, but lately my naps have been about 5 minutes and then I'm up. I always feel like I have a million loose ends and I better get something done while Hayes is asleep (like every mom I'm sure:) or I'll be sorry later. So I had my quick power nap and now I'm racing to see how much I get done before I hear that first cough/cry and then she's up for the day!! This past Friday night we had dinner w/some good friends at DoDiYo's-new place in Homewood-it was delicious and a really neat place. I recommend it if you are in B'ham-not a place for kids though, not a high chair in sight. Thankfully, Hayes went to Parent's Night Out at church for the 1st time, and it will definitely not be her last. She enjoyed herself, playing in the nursery and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, being able to eat at a fun restaurant without wrestling w/a toddler in a highchair, trying to make her sit, eat and color-haha-a lost cause now. If you are a Dawson girl reading this and who does not have grandparents in town to keep your child, take advantage of the PNO. It was great!!

Summer has started!! No more school until September! So we are busy playing around here and sometimes the little one gets bored w/her toys, actually she would rather have no toys and just play with my stuff, purse, bathroom cabinets, pantry, etc. She found this crepe paper in the closet last week and it made for some good playtime. She tore and tore the paper and had a ball!

Also our cute baby doll stroller that Nana got us that I mentioned in another post, it tore up the next day from Hayes sitting/standing in it. Sorry Nana! It's still usable you just can't put a baby in there to stroll. Also silly girl was standing on it and fell forwards and busted her lip last week. There was some blood but it didn't last long. I should have taken a picture of her 1st busted lip-will not be the last I know for my fearless child. Mouth/face injuries are scary!

We had sweet Caroline Draney's 1st birthday party yesterday. Such a cute little party! It was at Lindsay's parents BEAUTIFUL home who have way more toys there for their grandchild than we will ever have. The playhouse outside was a hit. Lots of sweet little ones and good food. We had a great time Linds! Happy B'day Caroline!!

Caroline, Catherine Ellis, and Hayes

On the way to church this morning with a massive shining red mosquito bite!!

Lastly, something I have failed to mention on here for some time now is that we are MOVING!! It's been a long time coming, we've prayed over this move for several years, knowing that the time would come for us to move on from this house for several reasons and this spring just happened to be the right time. It happened pretty fast, so it hasn't even seemed like it was really "for sale." I just started packing last week and it's a huge task, but I'm actually enjoying it b/c I'm a tad OCD and type A thanks to my kindergarten teaching years. Organizing and tossing out has been AWESOME and very freeing. 3 HUGE loads have been taken to Goodwill and I have another huge pile in the making! We have no idea where we are going, haven't found the right house yet, just praying that the Lord will lead our family where He wants us to be. I'm pretty indecisive so it's been hard to even narrow down the area where we want to be, much less the neighborhood and right street. God has a plan so we're not worried, just going to enjoy the next little transition phase as we move into a temporary apt right up the street. We're only packing basic things we'll need for a short time, which also makes me happy! 90% is going to storage!! So while I'm sad to leave our first home of 5 years, where we started when we first married, Hayes' 1st home, etc. we know we're making the right decision. Everything happens for a reason. We're excited about the next chapter, wherever and whenever we land somewhere!!

My kindergartners made this banner for us hanging on the front porch when we got home from the hospital-lots of sweet memories here. I still have it rolled up in the closet!!

Sorry this was soooooo long and all rolled into one. It's the only kind of post I know how to do!!


lindseykennedy said...

Oh Daisy is so big. I love her cute outfits! Sad that she already broke her stroller! Also hilarious. I'm sad that zoo didnt work out, but we will do it soon. I want to come help pack!

Regan said...

Amy, how awesome is it that your house sold so quickly! What a blessing! I know its sad to leave so many good memories, but I am excited for you to make new ones in your new home!! Love you and miss you!

The Cains said...

It was so good to see y'all Saturday!! Wish CE hadn't been as whiney - but we still had a great time. I can't get over Hayes beautiful curls, I hope we have some of those very soon! Good luck with the move and packing up -I know God will lead you to the right neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! I love all these new pics of Hayesie! Poor thing getting that big mosquito bite on her sweet forehead! I'll miss y'alls house on our next visit to B'ham, but of course, there are sweet memories waiting to be made in a new home, too! Can't wait to spend some time with my fave niece this weekend! VERY excited around here! I love you--all 3!