Sunday, September 23, 2012

Around the House

Watson loves watching Starfall on the computer. He loves the sounds and songs and I'm so glad he can finally sit still for a bit to watch. This is how Hayes learned most of her letters. They LOVE to climb up in this desk chair and sit by themselves!
Hayes is forever playing school or tea parties with her babies or us. She is such a planner and loves to play hostess or teacher. I love this girl so much. She is so grown up lately. She says the sweetest things. Nathan and I have just decided we need to start writing everything down cause these days are going fast.
playtime in Watson's bed (which is falling apart by the way b/c they jump in it like monkeys all the time)
Watson's favorite things to snag and run are my sunglasses, phone, or remote. He's a sneaky little one.
Little Brother needs his own set of rainboots and umbrella. We catch him trying to wear Hayes' pink hello kitty boots. They love playing in the rain and muddy puddles (like peppa pig!)
Daddy's shoes...
Brother boy in the baby swing and just a tad too heavy for it
and a cute pumpkin idea for the fall
And that's about it! Hayes has been sick all weekend so we've had a low-key weekend at home mixed in with outside time. I'm hoping she starts feeling better by this morning or at least by tomorrow. This weather is awesome. I'm so thankful for fall coming. And I'm thankful for my family and home and food and medicine when little people are sick and our pediatrician and publix being close by. Couldn't live without that place. Have a great Sunday, friends!

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