Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Last Week

I cannot believe it is already September. It seems like it just turned 2012 and now it's almost fall. Crazy! And the most exciting thing right now is that preschool/MDO starts back tomorrow! Summer has been so nice but I'm ready for some routine here. And just as soon as I say that I will be wishing for summer again by next week. Hayes will be in the 3's and Watson will be in the kitten room and will both go 3 days. They're both getting too big!!!
Last week/weekend turned into a blur because I ended up getting really sick. Pneumonia! Of all things. It was so bad too and I'm so glad it's behind me. So our kids took an unexpected "bacation" to Dothan to spend a week with their grandparents while I recovered. They had so much fun, as usual. I didn't worry about them, but I missed them soooooo much. Having a break would normally be so nice and welcomed, but it's not as enjoyable when you don't feel good! Plus, I wasn't prepared for them to be gone so long but it really was the best thing. Those cute little people are energy drainers and this sick mama could not have kept up w/them! Now I'm so much better and I'm SO glad to have them back home. A HUGE thank you to all the grandparents for helping us out. I know they were well loved and taken care of and spoiled with lots of attention! And thanks to Nana and Papa, we now have a hummingbird feeder outside our playroom window. Hayes has taken an interest in the birds since her Dothan trip, and we've had 2 little visitors since Sunday. I think I'm enjoying it the most though. They are so fast and small and fun to watch!

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