Saturday, October 27, 2012

Girls Night Out

I took Hayes to the fall festival at church last night, just us and not the boys. It was so much fun! I felt bad leaving Watson at home, but Watson and "out after dark" just don't mix good! And now I am sure he could not have hung in there. We didn't make it last year, our kids were just too little, but it was so fun to have just one -on -one time w/my big girl. We waited in line several times for rides and games and she never complained, and was probably more patient than me! The highlite of her night was cotton candy-so gross and sticky and pure sugar-but guess what we-we both ate it up, and then got on a spinning ride. Not a great idea. Our night ended w/me feeling sick! Oh well it was fun and memorable. She was WILD when we got home from all her sugar and candy and staying up late. Fun times for all. Oh and W had a fun night w/his daddy at home w/riding toys so it worked out well for everybody!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so fun! Hayes looks precious in her costume!
-Aunt Lindsey