Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Chex Mix and my baby

This chex mix is so, so, so good. And addictive! I found it on Plain Chicken (of course) and Hayes and I made it this week. We couldn't keep all this sugar for ourselves so we gave it all away to the kids' teachers. I highly suggest it if you love a salty and sweet snack. I adapted her original recipe. It would probably turn out great with whatever you want to add in there.
8 oz chocolate melted (the original recipe says white chocolate but I didn't have that), 4 cups chex mix, 2 cups mini pretzels, 1 cup candy corn, 1 cup reese's pieces (or m&ms), Melt chocolate in microwave and then stir in all other ingredients. Sprinkle halloween sprinkles in mixture and stir. Pour on wax paper or in foil and let harden. And then let your big baby lick the rest of the chocolate out of the bowl.
Here is our little baby feeding all the dolls and toys from the stuffed animal basket...
He's still going strong w/the paci attachment and I've just about given up. He doesn't have it when we're out and about, that's the easy part. But when we're home, it's just too hard to keep it from him.
Plus look at his baby-ness! I could eat him and his sister too. All that messy hair and constant wet face. Still just a baby!
We have had an action packed weekend and I can't wait to share some pics from a fun b'day party for our cousin Baker-man. Happy B'day Baker and Brent! Both kids are fast asleep right now, which is for sure a sign of a good weekend.

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