Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Farm and Other Things

Hayes' preschool class went to Old Baker Farm last week to the pumpkin patch. It was a great day for it, a little warm but really nice. I used to go every year w/my kindergartners. It's much more fun though when you're taking your own child! She picked a pumpkin for her and Watson to bring home, had a hayride, ate lunch and picked cotton and saw farm animals. Fun little day for her.
My babies on a wagon ride
This kind of sums them up-monkey see, monkey do-and smitten with each other (for the moment)
Watson found the cheerleader picture at Bruster's. Silly boy!
One day they will not want to ride the zoo train w/us or the carousel
but for now they do.
New favorite activity-cutting and gluing all by herself-usually during rest time or after W's bedtime. he's not ready for that!
his favorite activity-eating!
do you eat your cheese dip w/a spoon too?
And a paci update-he is making progress, he still has it at naptime and bedtime. I just can't give up long naps and late mornings! The drive to the beach and back didn't help the cause. that piece of plastic is my sanity! He is doing good during the day without it though, especially if he's busy playing or outside. Baby steps for sure!

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Shannon said...

hang in there with the paci. It is hard and I completely relate...I think it is really harder on us than it is on them. I'll be praying for it to continue to go well and that he will transition off of it good. We sent ours to the moon via balloons! I had to be sure that he did it and not me! We didn't give it up until Jan. before collier turned 3 in April!!! No rush!