Saturday, June 29, 2013

Swimming Lessons

1st Day

This is the 2nd summer Hayes has taken swimming lessons. We just happened to get in with a really good swim teacher for this past week and I was thrilled, since I dropped the ball earlier and waited until the last minute. She loves the water and has been perfectly content "swimming" in her puddle jumper the last two summers. She is comfortable and safe in there but this is the summer for her to learn. She was in the beginning class with 3 other little ones her age. We were in meltdown mode at 2:45 (rest time) the first day so I didn't know how she would do. But once we got there she jumped right into the pool and listened and did everything her teacher told her to do. Amazing what other people can get out of your children!
Last Day

Now she can hold her breath and go under and swim for a few seconds with her face down in the water (holding onto someone of course.) Yesterday we went to the pool and practiced with no puddle jumper and she did awesome. Still in the beginner category but making so much progress! Next summer will be brother's turn!

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