Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friends and Family

I love when a new baby is born. It doesn't matter who the baby or parents are or even if I don't know them. If I read about it, see a picture, watch the Baby Story, etc. I am going to CRY. It's just such a special, amazing miracle every time God gives a new life to a family! But especially if the new baby is someone we know and love and that our little one will grow up with, I am ALWAYS over-excited!
We visited our good friends Ryan and Marybeth and their new little baby boy, Wyatt, last week and he is such a precious baby. He is beautiful and we're SO happy for their new family and especially excited that he and Hayes will be raised in the same church. Hayes was really interested in looking at Wyatt and watching him drink his bottle. It's so funny now to see her notice babies and children. She will break her neck to turn around and watch them! We're looking forward to lots of playdates with you little man. Happy 6 weeks already!

We also had a yummy mexican play date with our friends Lindsay and baby Caroline last week (well mexican for the mamas!) Hayes had her maraca with her to show her love and support of mexican food too. She had quite a bit of it while in the womb. This little pink maraca shaker is one of her favorite toys now-thanks Aunt Alyssa. She will get in her carseat (usually) without a fuss only if she has her pink shaker.

We had a fun trip to Dothan this past weekend to visit our family! We did not have a very peaceful trip on the way down. Hayes only slept from Birmingham to Clanton and then fussed/screamed the rest of the way. But our trip back was much better! She slept most of the time and more importantly we had a safe trip and got back home safe and sound. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

The beautiful rainbow that welcomed us to Dothan, a sweet site after a LONG and rainy trip

new toys from Shug and G'daddy!

supper on the porch w/a messy but happy baby

checking out Miss Piggy

lunch w/our cousins at Mama Rosa's-mmmmmm! I would eat there too many times each week if I lived there!

playing in the grass and wagon

karaoke w/ cousins

It is always lots of fun going home but also LOTS of fun coming back too! We're home today with a sick baby-runny nose and coughing-yuck! But we did manage to get out and run a few errands. Hope you're all staying well and dry at your home!


Hicks Family said...

I'll be praying for little Hayes to feel better! She is just adorable!

Jason and Emily Fill said...

Hope you guys are feeling better! I love the new pictures! She is so precious!