Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wedding Weekend and School!!

We had a really fun wedding weekend this past weekend for two special friends, Jason and Emily. They had a super fun and yummy rehearsal dinner at the Verandah (we will definitely be going back there- at least for the dessert!) and the wedding and reception were beautiful-the wedding was at a really old presbyterian church downtown and the reception was at the historic Rucker house. We had such a fun time seeing friends that live out of town that we do not see very often. Nathan's parents were so generous to come to Bham for the weekend to keep Hayes for us both nights-I know they did not mind keeping her all to themselves for two nights! It was really wierd and fun being out late both nights and without Hayes and all the baby gear! On Sunday we met our good friends Dendy and Beth for lunch. They live in Troy and have a sweeeeeet, little baby boy a few weeks older than Hayes named Camden. He is so precious and SNUGGLY, such a cutie pie! He has the prettiest blue eyes and blondish hair. I am not used to a cuddly baby, Hayes squirms and wrestles to get out of your arms all the time-such a little monkey! Oh well maybe our next baby will be a cuddler like little Camden!! We had fun seeing you Beth and Dendy!! We'll come to visit you next time!

Pay no attention to the dirty bib, she is soooo hard to keep clean!

Also, next week is a big week for this baby! Hayes starts MDO on Wednesday, one week from today, and I will be teaching preschool 3 mornings each week. I think I'm looking forward to being on some sort of a schedule-we will see! Our days at home have been really nice but I know we will both love it. Hayes will be a little bunny at school. I'm already excited about spoiling her teachers and am planning lots of fun treats for them in hopes that they give Hayes a little extra TLC while she is with them! I am definitely not above that when it comes to extra loving for my baby girl at school!!!


Tara said...

Hayes is sooo cute!! I could just eat her up with that smile! The AU onsie just reminded me that I have no AU clothes for Anna Kate and football starts this weekend!! :)

Dawn said...

Oh my dear....Hayes is so precious. I am so glad you and Nathan had a couple nights out. That is so great!!!!! I know what you mean about treats to the teachers...I have already started...I have done treats in both July & August!!!! I am brainstorming for September...anything for extra hugs and kisses for our sweet little ones. We will have to exchange notes and ideas.

Hugs Amy & Hayes,