Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Fall!

I need to update the blog so I can get the last story out of my mind about Hayes falling! She is doing much better, her mouth and gums are continually healing (as far as I can tell) and as of this morning she only has her really bad cough, which is why I am up at 4:30 am!
We had a great time this past weekend, only it went by way too fast. I love the weekends when we can all be together. Having Nathan with us on Saturday and Sundays makes it 100 times better.

We celebrated Nathan's birthday on Saturday with his family in Tuscaloosa. Brent and Nathan's dad are big bama fans. We are NOT. But we went to tailgate in the sea of red anyway and we had a really fun time! We were able to see some friends we never see and Hayes had a ball running around and enjoying all her freedom. Brent's family had a bouncy house and pop up tent at their tailgate so Hayes was in heaven. She jumped for about 4 solid hours. We might need one of these at our house one day.

Sunday we went to church, rested, and then had a birthday party for Hayes' friend Maggie. She is 2. It was a sweet party at the park. I'm envious of these cute outdoor b'day parties that people can have in spring, summer, and fall. What about the winter birthdays?! I am in need of some ideas for my little January baby!

Doing some rocking before church(Brandi do you recognize this dress? We love it and it just fits!)

What a cool girl. She loved these sunglasses from the treat bag and broke them within 1 minute of getting in the car. So sad!

Other exciting news, we bought a dresser and mirror for the little boy's room this weekend! It was a spur of the moment purchase, but I think it will work great for his room once it's painted. Thanks to the DeRieux's, we were able to pick it up and pack it safely away in our messy storage unit, until he has a room of his own, which hopefully will not be too far away. I'm winding up my excitement of being in our "beach condo!" haha (aka apartment living.) I will say it has been very easy and I truly have no complaints about the no-stress life of maintenance free living. I'm not sure we'll ever be in this situtation again where we need short term housing, so I'm making the most of these days where I don't have much to clean or take care of. It's been nice!

Happy Tuesday!


Brandi Bartee said...

Glad y'all had a great weekend and the dress is precious on her. Her hair has grown so much and is just precious. Glad her mouth is doing better and I hope she feels better soon. You need some rest!

Lindsey DeRieux said...

So glad we could help!! These pictures of Hayes are so cute!

Crazy Lady said...

She is just darling! We've had some mouth accidents too, good thing the mouth heals well! so sorry!

Suzanne Barfield said...

Amy, glad you survived the sea of red!! Hayes is getting so big and is such a doll!! Sorry I missed you yesterday, will try to call you tomorrow! Love you and miss you!!!!