Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pics and a Video

We squeezed in a trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning before we went to Tuscaloosa for Baker's bday party. It was Nathan's idea to go that morning and I'm so glad we went. We haven't had many free weekends, or days when everybody is well! Plus I missed out on a trip there on Thursday w/some girls b/c I didn't think Hayes was up to par. It was a great place and I took way too many pictures. I will try not to share too many! I think Hayes was the dirtiest child there! Her favorite thing was kicking up the dirt w/her boots and playing in it. She loved it and was a big mess. She had a nice baby wipe bath in the car before we headed to the b'day party! When I saw her in this pose pretending to be a chicken, I knew I needed to switch over to the video camera.

This video is for the grandparents!

Jack the donkey

I have another little video of her pulling this goat's tail

I think she would have been just as happy playing in the dirt at home!!

She loved the wagon ride, but didn't care a thing about the pumpkin picking. Climbing the hay bales was her next favorite thing to the dirt and farm animals.

We ate lunch and played a bit more and then hit the road. It only took a few minutes before Hayes was asleep. It was so fun and we'll definitely be back next year, but next time w/our TWO little pumpkins!


Jessica said...

I love a little girl who isn't scared to get dirty - that's where all of the fun happens! She's such a beautiful little girl. Love the cowboy boots! I can't wait for Anna Lee to be big enough for a pair.

lindseykennedy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I died at the chicken video. That is the cutest thing EVER! Daisy, you are so precious.