Thursday, October 14, 2010

The New Puppy, Recent Events, and Trusting

It's naptime! I look so forward to this little bit of downtime every day. Hayes' Nana and Papa recently sent her a fun surprise package and inside was a little electric puppy. This little dog is so cute, it barks and jumps and it's perfect for her right now since she's currently obsessed with dogs (unless they are little and bark loudly!!)Sadly, it is probably the closest thing she will have to a real dog for a while! She loves for it to be turned on all the time, even when she's not playing with it, and will get so mad if you turn it off. She gets more opinionated and fiesty with each second that passes these days. I'm told by everyone that it's just her age. We will see!

This is about the only picture/video I have taken in 2 weeks. So sad I know. Hayes has really been through an array of sicknesses lately. Allergies, cold and horrendous night time cough which keeps us all awake, stomach issues (which I think is from all the medicine the poor baby has taken), and her latest and worst ailment happened on Sunday at church. She fell out of a rocking chair in her Sunday school classroom FACE FIRST onto the tile floor and was bleeding EVERYWHERE-hands, arms, dress, bow. They came and got us out of our class and told us she had an accident and there was blood-talk about a nightmare. This was my 2nd worst experience so far as a parent!! The first was at 13 mos when she fell off her rocking horse onto the hardwood floor and we had to go to Children's-that's another post but I really don't want to recall all that-it was a total nightmare too.

We couldn't tell what happened for a while because of her hysterical crying and all of the blood. We got her home and cleaned her up and gave her motrin, and we are still giving her motrin! and it's Thursday! She had her 1st trip to the dentist on Monday morning, and thankfully all those little baby teeth are still intact SOMEHOW-not really somehow, I KNOW the Lord must have had his hand around her mouth protecting her. She tore part of her gums above her teeth and that's where all the bleeding came from. She has been extremely fussy all week, and has woken up really early every day, but I think she is on the mend now and will hopefully start napping better and getting back to her normal sleep schedule.

I have never prayed so hard, repeatedly, over the same specific issue for her as I have these past 4 days. Her safety and wanting to constantly be with her to protect her have totally consumed me and I can't get the sight of her bleeding, hurt, and crying out of my head. Wednesday was a hard day for me at school because I did not want to leave her, even for 4 hours. I know God is teaching me through this that I am totally not in control of her but that He is. Something I of course already knew. He plans out her day, second by second. I can't be with her all the time but I know that He is and whatever happens each day for her is filtered right through his hands. I can't take care of her like He can. That same thing could have happened with me sitting right beside her, and then I would have really felt terrible and helpless. Trust, trust, trust in Jesus is all I can do! I do trust that He is going to take care of her always, but I just want to help. Isn't that terrible? Now I am a doubter! It's all a vicious cycle and I think as a parent this control issue probably never ends, or at least for me but I am working on it!

On a happy note, we had some sweet pictures made this morning (while she still has all her teeth-haha!) in hopes of getting a good one for our Christmas card. I can't wait to see how they turn out!! I'll post a few when I get them back!!

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Susannah said...

Oh AMY!! I'm so sorry that happened to her! That's so scary isn't it? Bless her heart and yours too!