Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lana's Baby Shower and the Peanut Festival

We went to Dothan this past weekend for several reasons-to see our family (who we didn't see enough of), Lana's baby shower, and to take Hayes to the Peanut Festival for her first time ever! It was a busy weekend and I took lots of pictures so get ready for an overload.

Saturday morning I spent with the cutest girl in Dothan, my niece Holley. I love her so much. She's so sweet and easygoing and smart. She wanted to go w/me to the baby shower, even though it would be all adults and no kids. I didn't really think she would have fun, but she didn't mind. She was super polite and sweet the whole time and never complained one time, and the morning probably lasted forever to her. I cannot tell you how much she loves Hayes and vice versa. Actually it's that way w/all 3 of Alyssa's kids and I love it!! they're crazy about each other.

The hostesses plus Lana. She looks great and just has 5 weeks to go until the new baby gets here. Can't wait to meet him or her!

Saturday afternoon we made it to the fair! Hayes LOVED all the animals. She loved letting them eat out of her hand. There were about 50 goats all in a big cage and you just walked around to feed them carrots. She really likes to pet animals and is not really afraid. I'm so glad she loves animals!

Checking out all the goats...

Our family of 3 (almost 4!) outside the pig and sheep barn

Nathan bought some tickets and we found a few things that she could ride. Some of those little kiddie rides are fast!! We stuck w/the train and merry go round and she was happy on those.

This girl loved her some corn on the cob. I was glad since she only seems to want to eat CRACKERS these days. She wakes up and goes to bed wanting crackers of any kind. I hope it's a stage. But I'm glad to know another food she does like!!

Sunday we met Nana and Papa and Alyssa and Cory and the kids for lunch. We did not get to see them enough! We wish we could seem them all the time. They're all getting too big!

And that was our weekend!! We did absolutely NO trick or treating whatsoever since we were out of town, we missed our fall festival at church, and a sweet little friend's dress up b'day party which I am still sad about. But Hayes did not know the difference and we have many years of trick or treating and festivals ahead of us! And actually it didn't even occur to me until we got back Sunday night that it was even really Halloween night-how crazy!!
Hope everyone else had a fun weekend!

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Crazy Lady said...

darling pics! sad i missed the peanut festival by a few weeks!