Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Church

Every morning Hayes likes to run to our closet to help Nathan get ready. She will grab belts, shirts (wrong ones of course), and shoes to take to him to put on. It's so funny because she does this every day. This morning she put his socks and shoes on her all by herself. Lately people have asked me if she is a Daddy's girl, I think that is a big understatement, but I'm pretty sure she loves me equally! She likes to have BOTH of us in her sight all the time and calls us DaddyMommy when we're all together.

"Now I'm ready for church! Haha not quite Miss Hayes!!"

We're so happy to be home from our Thanksgiving trip to Dothan. It was great and we were able to visit and see lots of people and eat a TON of good food, but there is no place like your own home and bed. Pictures to come soon. Hope you all had a great long weekend!

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Regan said...

I love seeing her cuteness! I love this picture :). Hope you guys are doing well. ANy names picked out yet???