Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Pictures

We had some pictures taken a few weeks back in hopes of finding a good one for our Christmas card. My friend Margaret took these and I think she did a great job!!Please do not think I am on the ball because I am NOT!! I used to be, not anymore. She was having an October special, so that motivated me to get myself in gear to start thinking about Christmas (which is only weeks away-crazy!) I've pretty much decided which one I'm using for the card so I won't share that one, but these are some of my other favorites. I love outside pictures!

This is our 110% thumbsucker. There is rarely a moment when the thumb is not in the mouth, so this is all we see 24/7. Hard to get a straight shot w/out her face being covered!

She wasn't feeling her best that day, because October has been an extremely CURSED month for us with sickness, but I think they still turned out sweet!

Margaret's website if you are local:
Margaret Lee Photography


Shannon said...

So sweet! Margaret did an awesome job.

lindseykennedy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! They are so precious, Amy! I love the second one so much. Its crazy b/c Baker's 12 month pics were just posted so I'm going to post those soon. I didn't even think about using some for our Christmas cards.

The Cains said...

These are so good! I too love natural light! And I agree with you that October was a month we were not sad to see go. We were at the doctor 4 times and even 2 times in the same day:). Feels like we've had it all. Here's to hoping we all have a better November! Love y'all!