Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've taken a much needed break from blogging and the email over the last week. Our computer is down and out so I've only checked emails sporadically over the last 8 days. I am not complaining, I've been a MUCH more productive wife and mommy without the technology at my finger tips. I've been able to keep our house fairly straight (not clean, but organized:), stay on top of laundry, meals, run errands, stock our pantry and freezer, etc. This may become a regular thing and that wouldn't be so bad!

I've spent the last week running around while Hayes is at MDO to get things done. On the first day I felt like I had accomplished 2 weeks worth of errands in 3 hours just being by myself! She loves going to school and always has fun. I'm so glad because that makes me not feel guilty for sending her while I am waiting around for baby Watson to get here. I've gone into full major nesting mode over the last week. I gotten tons of diapers for both Hayes and Watson, groceries, freezer stuff, all kinds of things. I don't remember doing this the first go-round. I guess I think I'm not going anywhere once he gets here-right! Not with a 2 year old that needs to get outside and play!

Some Baby news: Just waiting around, dilated to 2 cm now, and feeling great. I have a huge burst of energy right here at the end so that's helped alot in getting things accomplished. I have lots more to share-Watson's baby sprinkle with my SS class girls, V-Day, birthdays, and other tidbits. Hope that will all come soon when I can get around to uploading some pictures. Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you having this burst of energy and this time by yourself to do stuff you need to do and just WANT to do, before Watson is born! :) I know it's been a great feeling to accomplish alot! Wish I could be there to do everything y'all do! We'll be there to visit soon enough, I guess! We're talking about Baby Watson every day and are SUPER excited!! Love ya, Alyssa