Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting and Nesting and Nesting

So we finally made it to Wednesday! Only another day and a half until we meet our newest little family member. Life is about to change in a matter of days. I'm hoping I'm ready for the challenge. I keep thinking every night, only 3 more nights of sleep, now only 2 more nights of good sleep, at least for a few months!

Today was the only morning Hayes is going to school this week so I was able to run to Publix to do some last minute grocery shopping. I think I mentioned on here my insane urge to have every single thing under the sun stocked up in our house. So I went to get a few basic things since we'll be away this weekend and Hayes will be here w/her grandparents-more milk, eggs, fruit, yogurt, bread, etc and then decided I would go ahead and get the Publix sale items that I had coupons for. I usually shop on Saturdays but had to go ahead and do it today instead. They have a great sale this week so I was able to get TONS of stuff for the pantry and freezer. AND, today was the very first time I was able to actually save more than I spent. So, I got $151 worth of groceries and after all my coupons and the sales I paid $73. Which means I saved $78!!! That was a TON of food/freezer items PLUS a big box of diapers and wipes. I'm so addicted to the sales and coupons and I can't help it. Publix makes it SO easy to save money and match up coupons. So this week I was able to save 52% on our groceries, every other week it's been about 35%. I wish I could show y'all everything I bought!

At lunch we picked up Hayes from school for a little ice cream date at TCBY before her nap. I think it was her first time ever to have her own cup of ice cream (unless any grandparents have given her a whole cup that we didn't know about?!) She loved it and ate every bite. And then we got home and she jumped in her bed for at least and hour and half before she fell asleep, due to the ice cream I'm sure! I could not enjoy mine b/c I couldn't sit still. I've started having contractions today and some back pain in the last 2 days. On Monday I was 4 cm and I have no idea what has happened since then. But I definitely don't feel as energized as I did last week. Hoping he can hang in there until Friday morning so our family can be here!

Next time maybe I'll have pictures to share of little Watson! No cool internet phones or laptops for this family, so that post will have to wait until we get home from the hospital.
Happy Wednesday!


Lauren Hayes said...

Good luck! Praying for a safe and speedy delivery...get those pictures up ASAP, friend!!! I can't wait to meet him!!

Brandi Bartee said...

Praying for you all and can't wait to see pictures of Watson and his big sister.

Susannah said...

So excited for you guys Amy!!! Prayers for you and little Watson!!

The Cains said...

Praying for y'all!!!! Can't wait to meet him!!!

lindseykennedy said...

YEA, YEA, YEA!! We are so excited to meet Mr. Watson. I can't wait until Saturday!