Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Update and some Favorites, etc.

It seems that our little baby is a GROWING boy! I had a check up yesterday and an ultrasound and everything looked great. He's been measuring about 3 weeks ahead for a while now, so my dr. wanted to see if it was fluid or all baby. Turns out it is ALL baby, but there is still plenty of fluid. He is growing quickly-measuring 38 weeks and about 7 lbs. 7 oz. I will say that I look and feel all of about 42 weeks or beyond right now! But I know the next few weeks will go by quickly, so I'm choosing to focus on the end result (and not the present achiness and exhaustion.) But instead a precious new little life from God that we absolutely do not deserve who will be joining this family very soon, and a little BOY at that. What a gift!

On to some favorite things...
I have to share my new favorite food website that I found on my SIL Lindsey's blog. I do not know this girl, but I love her website and she's an Auburn girl, and her recipes are soooo good. I've made alot of different things now from her and I've never been disappointed in anything! Nathan loves everything too.
It is called Plain Chicken. Check it out if you need some ideas. I ALWAYS love a new recipe.

Two other favorite things right now, Spot Shot and Magic Eraser. These 2 cleaners are saving our new house from crayon destruction. If you have children then you need both of these in your house. Even works on crayons on the walls (which I'm glad I found first and not Nathan!)

(new Christmas chair from Nana and Papa w/beautiful purple crayon by our little artist)

(new Christmas chair set from Shug and Grandaddy, she loved orange this day!)

Don't worry Shug and Nana, both chairs are nice and clean now!

One more random thing, am I the only one who LOVES packing lunches for my child? I KNOW that will change eventually, but for now it just makes me happy to pack Hayes' big girl lunch. I always wonder what she thinks about when they take the lid off her little plate at lunchtime? Is she excited or disappointed?! I always hope she loves it b/c I'm telling you right now it is fun for me. and no, I don't usually take pics of her lunch, but this one just looked extra cute to me.

Have a good Wednesday and stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable little lunch! :D I love it! I bet she gets a warm, fuzzy feeling when they take the lid off for her...I bet she thinks, "Yep, this was packed by mommy! She loves me!" So glad you have found Spot Shot and Magic Eraser! I forgot about Spot Shot! It's the BOMB! I LOVE Y'ALL!! Alyssa