Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Fever and a New Hobby

We had the nicest weekend this past weekend! It definitely had a little something to do with the weather-Saturday was beautiful and felt just like spring here in B'ham. I know it's a tease though b/c it's supposed to get cold again soon. Oh well, it was definitely a nice change and great day to get outside and be out and about!
Saturday I had some fun girls time w/a sweet group of friends and we celebrated baby Watson's upcoming arrival. We ate lunch at Brio and sat outside for 2 hours in the sunshine. It was great and so fun to have a middle of the day girls lunch!

Then after lunch, I went to Publix ALL by MYSELF and stayed forever-thank you Nathan for a nice day off! I have to say first that I am strictly a Publix shopper. I used to try to do Publix and Wal-Mart, but now can't find the time or energy to go to both places. Nor can I pass up the convenience, friendliness, free cookies and chicken fingers for Hayes, and the helpful offers to take your groceries to the car. I used to be really good about using coupons for a while, but then dropped off and haven't had time to worry with them at all for the past year or so. I usually just shop by the sale paper and save some money by doing that. But, my new goal is to get back into couponing and save some MONEY! I see all these money saving websites about how people spend about $20 for like $90 worth of groceries at Publix and I have no idea how they do it. So for the past 3 or 4 weeks I've been searching through websites and learning a little bit. I've been somewhat discouraged b/c I still couldn't save much more than about $25 or $25 (they always put that at the end of your receipt at Publix) for the past month even after cutting out tons of coupons! And our grocery bill has gradually gotten higher and higher for the past year. So my new goal for each week is to spend about $100 on food plus diapers for 2 (but maybe alternate their sizes every other week?) and try not to go over that. Sounds pretty lofty but I am hoping to reach it every week if I just plan our meals from the sale papers and find coupons to match. SO, for this past Saturday's trip to Publix I am so happy to say I did get below $100 and after giving all my coupons and shopping from the sale paper I ended up saving $31.66 from the sale paper and then an extra $17 from all my coupons (b/c Publix doubles coupons up to 50 cents) for a total of $48.25-way more than I normally save!! I have no idea how to calculate the percentage saved like people do on the money saving websites, I really don't care I just know it was good for me!
My new favorite money saving site is I Heart Publix. It is constantly updating w/sales and new coupons and good deals. Also, I found Saving with Amy on my friend Susannah's blog and she updates a lot too w/new coupons. I'm telling you it's a little addicting if you get started looking for the coupons to match your grocery list, but now I feel way more motivated after saving $25 more this week than I normally do!!

Lastly, spring fever brings new spring and summer clothes shopping! I seriously LOVE shopping for new stuff for Hayes. Girl clothes are so fun and sweet. The consignment sale season is about to start and I can't wait! My friend Lindsey and I went to a sale yesterday and got a few things for spring and summer. I'm already ready for her to start wearing them and to start shedding the cold weather clothes!!
Lindsey gave Hayes this precious polka dot dress for her birthday and I love it-she wore it today and it was super cute-a little springy for January 31, but it's not freezing today so she was fine in it-thank you Lindsey!

Happy Monday!


Jessica said...

I loooove Publix too. I haven't tried couponing but you're encouraging me to try it. We've been spending a ton on groceries lately so those sites will be super helpful. You look great!

Susannah said...

I'm really bad about it too(couponing that is) I really need to start being better. I just get confused trying to take it all in!

Shannon said...

So funny that you posted this because I am dong the same. Justin told me that I had to back off of the grocery bills and I also have had a hard time breaking that $25 savings. I usually visit but look forward to checking out your suggested sites. I am a publix girl to! Thanks for sharing. Glad that I"m not the only one fighting with the cost of groceries and how much it hurts our budget. Justin includes diapers in with our grocery's too!

The DeRieuxs said...

Amy, you are my consignment shopping buddy!! We have so much fun!! Hayes looks adorable in that dress! Anna Leigh has one just like it so we will have to dress them alike one day :)