Thursday, January 13, 2011

This makes it real...

For Christmas, my mom gave Watson a new slipcover for the boppy pillow with his sweet name on it. It was really about the first time I've seen it written out and I love it even more now. I'm pretty sure he will be sporting a few pink things in his young years thanks to big sis, but at least he'll have a touch of blue here and there. Thank you Nana!!

Also, last week Hayes brought home a big white envelope in her bag from school. I was surely thinking it was her registration packet for next year for 2 year old preschool. But oh no, it had this little man's name on it!!! I thought, What in the world-he has mail?!! It was so funny to see his name typed out. He's not even here yet but he's already signed up for Mother's Day Out in September!! And I later learned it was a joke from my friend Kelly who works in the nursery at Covenant-so thank you Kelly-it really had not even crossed my mind about needing to register him!

And, a teeny tiny preview of his room...because a teeny tiny bit is all we have done in there! Hopefully it will all fall into place soon with his bedding and such.

Lastly, we finally got our blinds on our windows today-thank you Lowe's! I'm pretty sure our neighbors were starting to get tired of looking right through our windows at night. The new house is getting cozier by the day and now it feels like our home and not just like we're on vacation in someone else's house. It's a good feeling!


Crazy Lady said...

that is very cute. darling name. and i love that you can see a peak of the rest of the room through the mirror.

Kara Jacobs said...

YAY! Can't wait to see more pics of Watson's room and the new abode!