Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My (almost) 2 year old

In less than a week my little BABY is going to be TWO years old. It has really been the fastest 2 years of my life. She changes so much, on a daily basis, always saying new words, phrases, etc. It's amazing how a child's vocabulary grows without you knowing it.

It is so funny the things that come out of her mouth everyday. She loves to sweep the kitchen. She loves Miss Pattycake and her Cedarmont Kids cd's and is always asking for music when we get in the car. She climbs everything and has crawled out of her bed twice in the last 3 days. She loves Mickey Mouse but only likes to hear him in the background, forget about sitting down to watch him. She sings Twinkle, twinkle constantly. She sings half of Rain, rain go away but always stops in the middle b/c she can't remember the rest. She LOVES to color but only if she has a partner. She will pull your chair out for you to sit down at her little table.

She always wants a snack, and then another snack, and then another. Crackers are her favorite. She likes to feed herself applesauce and yogurt and she all of a sudden she doesn't mind wearing a bib again. She's turned into a pretty good little eater lately and will eat most anything we give her for meals.

She loves to read her books and to read to her babies. She likes her school and smiles when you say her friends' names in her class-especially Luke! She is scared to death of the dustbuster and hair dryer. She loves puzzles and playdough. She sucks her thumb all the time and it's so cute (except for the germ factor.) Washing her hands or using sanitizer is not her thing right now (hope that will come soon.) She always nods her head yes when she's sucking her thumb. If she doesn't like something or doesn't want it she says "no mam" and it sounds so sweet. She likes to pick out her own diapers.

She loves her daddy and loves for him to hold her. She loves all of her cousins beyond words. She lights up when you say their names. I'm pretty sure she loves me too. She will melt your heart in a second. She is my firstborn baby and I love her with all my heart. It's already been an emotional week just thinking about her and how things are about to change, in a good way, but still a change with a new baby coming to live with us.

So now we are getting ready for her 2nd birthday party this week. I tossed around different ideas and then ended up going w/the hardest one-having it at home. Would not be a big deal if I wasn't so pregnant and uncomfortable already! But it will be fun and I know she'll love it-if she understands it's her party!

Happy early Birthday to my sweet baby girl Hayesie Daisy. I love you SO much and I am so proud to be your mommy. Thank you Lord for my sweet baby's life and for Your perfect plan for her. What an incredible gift for the privilege to be her parents.
"I thank my God every time I remember you." Phil. 1:3


collin said...

So sweet and cute post. Loved it. Ur baby is also toooooooo sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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lindseykennedy said...

Sweet Daisy! She melts my heart too. I love her precious curls and her teeth. I love how she loves Baker and doenst get mad at all when he hits her..in the face..but anyway. She has been a huge blessing in ALL of our lives. I couldnt have hand picked a sweeter, smarter and cuter niece! We love you Daisy! Have so much fun at your party!

Susannah said...

Happy Birthday Hayes!

The DeRieuxs said...

Such a sweet post Amy!! Happy Birthday, Hayes!!

Kara Jacobs said...

Oh Amy, what a perfectly precious blog post. I literally have a few tears right now! We'll blame that on the hormones due to pregnancy : ) Happy 2nd birthday to Ms. Hayes. And I am so excited to see her be the big sister she already knows how to be!

Lauren Hayes said...

Happy Birthday sweet Hayes! She really is such a china doll-she looks so cute in ALL of your pictures...so tiny and petite! I KNOW she'll be a great big sister! How are you feeling, friend!? I can't wait much longer to see pictures of that precious little boy! Once you are ready to hang out, we need to arrange a play date or two!! Congrats on your new house too!