Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home and Christmas 2010 Picture Post

We are finally all moved and settled in! The past 8 days have been a complete whirlwind with moving, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, doing endless projects (poor Nathan), and keeping up with and entertaining a busy toddler in the process. We have had lots of help from the workhorses in our family, and we are way beyond thankful for the way they have selflessly served us. It would have taken months to do everything if we had not had their help with every little task. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the GRANDPARENTS, although that hardly seems adequate. Everyone used their different talents to help in different ways. Moving is a huge job and we hope to never do it again anytime soon! But we are LOVING the "new house" as Hayes calls it, and so thankful for how God has provided us with this new home.

I still have so much to post about our Christmas! It was really a wonderful Christmas. We loved being with our families over the holidays and of course the time flew by. Hayes loved every second of being with grandparents and all of her cousins. She has been showered/SPOILED with constant attention and playtime from her grandparents for the past TWELVE days, and I am thankful for that.


Hayes went to her 1st Christmas Eve service and sat through almost the whole thing-she made it a good 50 minutes thanks to her crackers, fruit snacks, and pencils and paper. It also helps that her cousins are such good role models for her and know how to behave really well in church!

We celebrated Hayes' 2nd birthday a little early w/the cousins and sang happy birthday to her. She loves the happy birthday song and can sing the whole thing. I took a video too of her clapping for herself!

CHRISTMAS MORNING-a little unsure of everything because she thought Santa was still in the house

CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON and NIGHT-lots of fun playing with Baker and unwrapping gifts-she got way too much stuff of course and really enjoyed getting all the paper off. Thanks Shug and Grandaddy, Honey, Brent and Lindsey for everything!

Hope your Christmas and New Years was full and meaningful!

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