Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Surprises

Yesterday the mail lady drove her mail truck all the way up our driveway to our back door. This must be something common in our new neighborhood b/c she did the same thing at our next door neighbor's house right after ours. I opened the garage and went out and found a fun package she left right by the back door! YEA!! Nothing better than a package, especially one you're not expecting.

The little girl in our house is getting way too used to opening presents lately. I opened the box and pulled out 2 presents from my VERY SWEET and KIND sister who is always thinking of others. Really she deserves the sister of the year award. 1 for Hayes and 1 for Watson AND a sweet card for the new baby. I don't know how she finds time to do things like this-getting presents, and a card, and finding time to go to the post office? That requires a lot of steps. Alyssa, I need some tips! Lately I have a hard time going from one room to the next without stopping 1 million times to do other things and then I forget what I'm supposed to be doing when I get there. Following through on tasks these days is hard for me. Nathan said this morning I'll be better about that in about 3 years and I'll start being thoughtful again, doing things for other people's birthdays, and being able to remember stuff-haha-thank you for your honesty, Nathan, but I'm hoping to get my brain back sooner than that.

Anyway, here is what we found in our fun packages...the most precious little ruffled shirt for Hayes and romper for Watson. LOVE them both!

This is on the back of Hayes' shirt-Notably You-I looked up their website and couldn't find any information

Hayes Dayes wore hers to school this morning. Precious little outfit all put together.

Thank you, thank you to our sweet Aunt Alyssa for the fun package! We love everything and we love you!

Have a great weekend-we're excited about some outside play time with this warmer weather, finally!


Brandi Bartee said...

Precious and you do have a great sister! I loved her birthday posts too and thought the whole idea was precious!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I SO do not deserve all of your kind remarks about me...seriously! All I did was get my precious niece and unborn nephew a present! I'm so glad y'all loved it, that makes us happy! H, MH and C loved the pic of Hayes wearing her shirt! You know that I know the feeling of not being able to complete a project, or get through all the steps. If you were always able to do that at the stage y'all are in right now, I would think it was STRANGE! I barely can and Carson's 4! I love you and admire you for the wonderful person you are! Y'all have a great weekend!

Susannah said...

That was so sweet of her! I love the shirts!!

Anonymous said...

I figured Notably You had a website, but they ARE on facebook if anybody is interested. It is actually Weezers in Dothan.