Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Big Day and Night

Yesterday was finally Hayes' actual birthday! I say finally because I feel like we have celebrated quite a bit for the past week, and now we are ready for some downtime, at least this pregnant mama is! So just to document what all happened on her special day, here is an account of her 2nd birthday. And I promise this is the last birthday post for a little white, at least until Mr. Watson makes his debut.

First, Baker Man and Aunt Lindsey came to visit on Sunday afternoon. We always love when they come. And if you read Lindsey's blog you will see that they played together very sweetly. Hayes loves her Bakerboy and calls his name ALL the TIME and looks for him around the house.

Sweet gifts from her cousin-this one makes mama VERY happy-an electric toothbrush. I cannot even begin to explain the drama we have w/brushing this girl's teeth. It is crazy and has been since we started brushing them a long time ago-I am talking HUGE tears and major meltdowns and it's a definite 2 person job. But, she loves this new fun toothbrush that spins-why did I not get one of these earlier? Thank you Lindsey for saving our baby's teeth. She loves it so much and so do we!

Birthday pancakes that her Daddy made-he is the official pancake maker in our house!

Yummy birthday breakfast

Loving her stickers from her birthday card

Opening some presents

Yea-new wooden blocks-These have brought lots of fun already!

All ready for school!

After school I decided we needed to run by Publix and then I thought, hmmm I'll get her a b'day cookie and balloon while we're there. Well, let me say for the record that cookies and an approaching naptime do not go well together. She had a major fit after she ate her cookie and screamed all the way to the car. Then I lost her shoe. Then I could not find my keys. Then the lady beside me was waiting for me to move my buggy with my melting child in it so she could back out. So I scooped her limp little self up (who is actually very heavy when she's pitching a fit b/c she always goes limp-please tell me your little ones do this to?), and carried her to put the buggy away, and then finally got her strapped in the car. And guess what, my keys were in the ignition the whole time w/the car running. Crazy trip to Publix. Lesson learned-if the clock says 1:30 p.m. GO HOME and do not stop for errands!!

Moving on, we decided last week we would take her to Chucky Cheese on her birthday night to eat pizza and play (thank you Chris for the fun idea.) She's been talking about pizza lately-which is funny b/c we never eat pizza. It's so funny what they know that you are not aware of. Our good friends, Lindsay and Adam came with us and brought little Caroline to play w/Hayes. They had a ball. And they LOVE each other!

Giving Chucky a hug!

They had some fun little rides for the little ones. She and Caroline both loved climbing the steps and sliding down the little slide the best though. They did that at least 100 times each!

Posing w/Barney-she has no idea who he is!

We took a cute family pic too-but since I am looking quite whalish these days I will not be posting that one on the www! Sorry Regan!! Seriously I was SHOCKED when I went back to look at the pictures. I'll just save that one for the baby book.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Hayes!! We had a wonderful time celebrating your special 2 year old birthday! We love you SO very much!


Regan said...

I am dying laughing, Amy! Im sure your "whalish"' pregnancy pic looks like me on a good day! You are so tiny!
Love all the birthday posts. I can't believe she is 2! What an incredible blessing. She is sweet, sweet little girl and is going to ROCK as a big sister. So excited for you guys! Oh, and the house looks amazing. I can't wait to see it in person! Hopefully we can take a pregnancy break and make it up your way for a visit!
Love and miss you!

Kara Jacobs said...

Sorry Regan... sorry to everyone else too : ) Trust me... the rest of the world would hardly call you "whalish"! I'm hoping I look half as good as you when I'm that close!

Kara Jacobs said...

Oh and when Regan comes to visit... can I crash the party? We've been wanting to meet up but have never had the chance. Josh calls Regan my imaginary friend since we have ever met... LOL!

lindseykennedy said...

Sweet Sweet Hayes! Happy Birthday! We loved visiting with you and we are so glad you like your toothbrush. She looks SO precious in the picture ready for school and reaching on the countertop!