Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mother Goose Birthday Party

We had Hayes' 2nd birthday party last week and celebrated with Mother Goose. The music teacher from my school dresses up for parties so she suggested Mother Goose for 2 year olds. It ended up being SO precious and entertaining for the kids! She sang nursery rhymes and did the motions-Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Jack be Nimble and lots of others.

Hayes was so excited the morning of the party, singing happy birthday to herself, running around screaming and playing with her balloons, but you would have never known that once the party started! She immediately clammed up when everyone got there and would not take her thumb out of her mouth or play! Oh well, that is a 2 year old, very unpredictable!

the invitation

the cupcakes

party favors for her friends

all ready for the party!

I have so many pictures to share-just a warning for non-family readers! I just don't want to leave any out because they're all so sweet and I want to document everything since this is our scrapbook.I tried really hard to get a picture of all the guests, but then I got sidetracked and I know I missed some people. We're so thankful for all the little ones who came to help celebrate the BIG TWO!

catherine ellis and megann

chris, harrison and chambers

wyatt and ryan


anna leigh

emma kate and kara

ashley and parker

tate and caroline-good helpers for mother goose b/c they were the oldest!


Then look who showed up, Mother Goose!

She was super entertaining and loud which surprisingly kept their attention really well.

Caroline jumping over the candlestick

Cupcake Time!!
Hayes had her eye on that purple cupcake from the time she saw me putting them out!

Hayes and her boyfriend (aka Daddy)

christine, jack and lillie

jennifer, chris, and little ones

lindsey and anna leigh, allison and lily, ashley and parker

ryan and wyatt, megann and CE

collier and shannon

Thanks Mother Goose for coming to play with me and my friends!

Family pic with the birthday girl. She was really busy with her chocolate cupcake here!

It was a really sweet and special day for her. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate-and we really missed those who couldn't be here. Her actual birthday is not until Monday, so we still have some celebrating left to do! Only 1 more day as a 1 year old!

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Susannah said...

What a precious party Amy! That was sooo cute! Your house is absolutely beautiful girl! :) Hope Hayes had a wonderful birthday!