Monday, December 27, 2010

Moving Day

I woke up way too early this morning, which is getting to be a trend for me, because we are finally moving today! And on the coldest day of the year! I am feeling way more UNorganized for this move than I did when we moved into our apartment 7 months ago-probably because we just started packing last night and now everything is a wreck. I was going to do a Christmas post this morning before all technology gets cut off for a few days and things get too chaotic, but really there are way, way too many pictures to filter through so I'll just share a few for now. We had a really wonderful Christmas being with our families this year and celebrating and eating and playing, always a fun time! It's hard to believe it's already over. Here is your pump you up, encouraging verse of the day-Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever-Hebrews 13:8-He wants us to celebrate Him not just at Christmas on his birthday, but every day, every moment/second, every circumstance.

I am big time missing my baby this morning. She is in Dothan with her grandparents while we move, which is a really good thing, but we already can't wait to get her back. We know she is having a ball being with everybody down there, and I'm sure she's getting her fill of chocolate cookies if her Grandaddy has anything to do with it-hahaha! But it's strange going to bed and waking up without your little one in the house. She'll be back with us and in full force before we know it though, and we're looking forward to some extended help through this week with both sets of g'parents coming up here to help organize/unpack/babysit. Which hopefully translates into a date night every night this week if we are still awake past Hayes' bedtime!

Be back later with a Christmas post. Happy Monday!


Regan said...

Happy Moving Day! YAY! I have been thinking about you, and very excited for you guys to get in to your new house. So fun! I hope the move goes well, and I cannot wait to see pics! What a fun Christmas present :). Love ya.

Crazy Lady said...

Good luck moving! What a good way to start the new year (but glad its you and not me, I never want to move again!)

Kara Jacobs said...

Can't wait to see the new house! I know y'all are so excited and ready to be in a bigger space : )