Thursday, December 9, 2010

One, Two, Three...

We've noticed lately that Hayes likes to count. We didn't even know she was really able to count yet until we heard her in her room one night, counting up to about 7 or 8. We've had lots of practice but none with her participating! This week she and I have had quite a bit of bonding time, like all week long non-stop and it's been great. She seems so much bigger and older to me everyday. She spent about an hour and a half in the bathroom with me this morning getting ready and playing in the tub. This girl loves some bathtub playtime!

Nathan counts to 3 with her when she's washing her hair and then pours water on her head and today she wanted to do it herself. I love those teachable moments when you don't even think they are listening to you. So I'll give Nathan the credit for her counting skills, at least up to #3!

Water in the face is so fun. And oh how I love that sweet little voice. This is a fun little age-22 months-just when I think the age she is at is so great, then the next month/week/day/moment happens and it's always something new she's doing. So thankful for a growing, learning, happy child-thank you Jesus!

*Do you see how LONG that hair is when it's wet? It's only half that at the most once it dries and curls up!


Shireen said...

Oh!!! SOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayes is PRECIOUS!!!

Suzanne Barfield said...

Awe- that little voice is so sweet! This is the sweetest age. I could just eat them up:)

lindseykennedy said...

I. love. her.