Monday, December 6, 2010

Visiting Santa and Big Sister Practice

Last weekend we took Hayes to see Santa. We already knew how this was going to go, she's not a fan of dressed up people. We got there and she saw him from a distance and saw the other children going to sit in his lap. She knew what was about to happen and turned around like she wasn't going to pay attention and that maybe we'd forget and not drop her off up there with that big guy.

He was a really sweet Santa but she did not care one thing about letting that strange man hold her. I really don't blame her!

One day she might like you Santa, but not this year!

Nathan's Grandmother-Honey-gave Hayes an early Christmas present-a REALLY BIG boy baby doll. He has a "newborn" tag on him, but this little man looks and feels more like a 15 month old baby. He is HUGE and I felt like we needed an extra carseat just for him on our way back from Dothan. I'm telling you he's large and life-like.
At first Hayes didn't notice him, but the past few days she has taken a really big interest in him. I think she thinks this is the little brother we've been talking about to her. She strolls him around in her baby doll stroller, puts diapers on him, reads to him, puts her shoes on him, kisses him, rolls the ball to him, and makes (really MAKES) him color with her. We have to hold the crayon in the big baby's hand and make it move so she thinks he is really coloring-that one makes her really happy. Too bad her real little brother won't be doing ANY of those things with her for a really long time. But we at least have hope that she will love her new baby brother like she takes care of her dolls!


lindseykennedy said...

Oh my gosh. I can't stop laughing! I KNEW she would end up loving that baby! Hilarious that she makes him color!

Brandi Bartee said...

That is absolutely precious and she is going to be such a big helper to you too. Love his name and your new house!

The DeRieuxs said...

Amy I love these pictures of Hayes with the little brother baby doll! How sweet!

Jessica said...

that is so funny!!! I love that she wants to involve "him" in her activities.