Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Counting Down to Christmas

So far my afternoon has been unusually productive. Normally I do not get much done around the house during naptime, but today my baby decided she wanted to take a good nap unlike the last few days! So I'm on load 3 of laundry and just finished ordering some birthday invitations-Yay! 2 big projects done on Christmas week!

(Yes Mommy, I do like naps, I just forgot about them!)

This week we have really enjoyed running around town and getting last minute things done for Christmas this weekend. But today, we have stayed home all day long, partly because I was on the phone all morning and by the time we both got ready for the day it was naptime. But it's been so nice because I love lazy days at home. The other 2 busy days this week made up for today. I had a drs. appointment yesterday, which I took Hayes with me to-and she did really good thanks to a whole sleeve of saltine crackers-I was so proud of her. Little Watson looked great and is getting bigger by the minute, literally. Time is just moving too quickly for me. We still have lots to do before he gets here, including a move, getting both babies rooms ready, and Miss Prissy Pot's 2nd birthday party in about 5 weeks. But I still have plenty of time thankfully, no hopefully!

In other news, we are MOVING next week on Monday to our new house! The renovation turned out to be much more of an extensive project that I had envisioned. It's gone very smoothly so far, praise God, and we can't wait to be settled and get all of our stuff out of storage and into the new house. We're just feeling SUPER thankful for this gift of a new (to us) home. And so far, I have not packed the first thing into a box and we are leaving tomorrow for Christmas weekend! Despite my excitement about moving, I just wanted to think about Christmas this week and not have everything turned upside down. Nathan and I will just have a late night packing when we get back on Sunday night!

Hope all of you have a very merry time celebrating CHRISTMAS with your families-what a great time of year to stop and prioritize. We're looking forward to spending time with our family-even though it will be short this year! Merry Christmas!

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The Cains said...

What an exciting year for you!!! 2011 will be even more exciting!! Please let me know if I can help while y'all are moving - I'm off all next week and know that Hayes and CE would have the best time playing together!! I hope y'all have a great weekend in Dothan - safe travels and a very merry Christmas!! Let me know seriously! Would love to help! Love and hugs, The Cains