Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Year Ago

Does anyone else love to go back and look through all the pictures on their computer? I do it OFTEN because I love to see how much Hayes changes each month, and now from one year to the next. I was looking at all of our December pictures from 2009 and I cannot believe my baby was ever that small. It's so true that with each new stage, which is constant, you can only remember them at that current stage. I have a hard time remembering back to daily schedules/routines from when she was little. I did go back and look at newborn pictures a few days ago, just to refresh myself on what we were about to do again in a couple months and WOW! that little newborn stage was such a sweet time that at the moment seemed like it was never ending, with constantly feedings, no sleep for a few months, etc, but really I just blinked and then it was gone. And now my BABY who is mostly big girl now is almost TWO. I'm having a hard time thinking about the next birthday even though it's just around the corner!

Meeting Santa 2009

Poor Santa 2010-zero improvement from last year

Christmas Dinner 2009

Christmas Dinner 2010

My little one is up from naptime. Be back later with some current events and a recipe!


Crazy Lady said...

that is an awesome face of terror because of santa. i love it! those are priceless

lindseykennedy said...

Aw, last year her hair wasnt even curly yet. Its hard to remember her without curls. I wonder how long she will hate Santa. Its funny how kids are so different. Baker thought Santa was fantastic. Can't wait to see yall at Christmas!