Monday, February 21, 2011

Sprinkles, Birthday Parties, V-Day, and Cousins

All of my posts always seem to combine lots of stuff into one. Sorry about that! I need to work on doing one thing at a time and then it wouldn't be such an effort to complete a post. Maybe that will be a new goal of mine.
First things first, I am still on the Publix couponing train and I love it so much. The last 2 weeks I have overspent on my goal, but I'm still saving so much more and getting a lot more stuff each week. This past Saturday I saved about $50 and the Saturday before it was about $68 total saved. I'm telling you, it's easy and it takes so much off the total when they ring up the groceries. My advice is to find someone to check you out who looks like they know what they are doing-as in, do they really know how the coupons work, like doubling and such, are they going to be excited or annoyed by the coupons? It's all a fun game to see how much you can save and I highly recommend it. Honestly it doesn't take that much time each week.

A few weeks ago I had the sweetest baby sprinkle to celebrate Watson with the girls in my Sunday school class at Dawson. It was a dessert party at my friend Ashley's house, who is always such a good hostess, and it was all so much fun!! Our class is constantly exploding with new babies which makes it lots of fun. Another friend in our class, Kristin, is having her 2nd little boy a few weeks after me so both of our babies were celebrated. I love all these girls (and we love the husbands and babies too) so much. They are our family here in B'ham. We started out together in the newly wed class 5 or 6 years ago, and our class has grown and changed and added many new faces since then. Time flies and families have gotten bigger. It's a good stage to be in and we're beyond thankful for these good friendships.

(missing Marybeth in this picture!)

Also, we've been doing some birthday party hopping! Lots of little ones have celebrated their b'days in January/Febrary. Cooper had the cutest little train party a few weeks ago and all the kids rode the train around the neighborhood. It was fun and cold! Ana did a great job planning everything. And then Miss Campbell had a fun bouncy princess party for her 4th birthday. Hayes loved jumping and bouncing. She could do that ALL day long if we let her. She cried when we left. So sad. Thanks Ana for 2 fun times!

Then, little Rut Rut had his party this past Saturday-a fun jumping, sliding, and bouncing party. I think that's what Hayes thinks you do at every birthday party now-JUMP!! She had a ball and loved her pizza and cake. Just to document, at 2 she is becoming a BIG fan of pizza. She can eat way more than she looks like she can!

Hayes and her buddy Haines waiting patiently for their pizza and cake

Sweet Harrison

Pizza Time!

And a Valentine's pic-our big girl eating her V'day breakfast-and thank you for the fun clingy hearts Nana, they are still providing alot of entertainment at our house.

Last night we had spend the night company-Lindsey and Bake Bake-whoo hoo!!
"This is SO funny!" is what Hayes kept saying while they played in the tunnel/tent. She loves all her cousins ALOT and sort of loses her self control when any of them are around. She gets so excited she doesn't know what to do with herself. It's really funny to watch her. Thank you for spending the night Baker! Looking forward to seeing y'all again this weekend when your new cousin gets here!


Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all have been having a great time! The pregnancy had to have flown by for you b/c y'all stay so BUSY having fun! Love the tub pic of Hayes and bake-bake, so cute! Also her little Valentine dress ;) (sniff, sniff) Love y'all, Aunt Alyssa

Regan said...

You are so cute pregnant, Amy! I wish I could see you in person. I've been thinking about you lots. SUPER excited for that baby boy to get here! Tell Nate to send us a message when it's "go time!"
Love you and praying for an easy and healthy labor and delivery!