Monday, May 9, 2011

Highlights from M-Day weekend

We did not get to go home for Mother's Day, Nathan was out of town until Friday night. So we had a very special weekend w/just our fam of 4. It was sweet and low key and perfect. Nathan did a great job giving me lots of little breaks all weekend. I wish it could be Mother's Day every weekend! I will just hit the high points, b/c the little baby in our house is about to wake up soon!

* Daddy got home Friday night-yippee! I do not like when he is away. It's no fun for anybody, least of all his little 2 year old girlfriend. She wants her Daddy home all the time. I am not quite ready to do the bath/bedtime routine w/both by myself just yet. Leah, Alice, and Claire came over to play Thursday night for a bit while I gave W his bath and put him to bed. Big cousins are so cool! Thanks for coming to play and hang out, Leah! We had a great time!

*We celebrated sweet Caroline's 2nd birthday w/a fun bouncy house, balls and hoola hoops and cupcakes on Saturday. All perfect things for little people!

*I had some fun Mother's Day free time ALL by MYSELF on Saturday! I ran a few errands and shopped a little. Found a new dress for my birthday/Watson's dedication day coming up next month. AND, randomly found a piece of furniture at an estate sale close by. I'm so glad I stopped! I could get addicted to those sales. We seem to have quite a few around here lately.

*Played outside and enjoyed the nice summer-y weather. Hayes and W got a new water table for Easter. It's the new favorite thing around here now. I love it too b/c it keeps her entertained and in ONE spot while we are outside.

*Went to bed early Saturday night and Nathan got up to feed Watson during the night. It was so nice to have some uninterrupted sleep!

*Watson had his 1st day in the nursery on Sunday and did great. He napped the whole time until I came back to feed him. I'm glad to have our Sundays back in a sort of normal routine now that he can go to his little class.

*We ate lunch at a new Mexican place in Homewood. Mexican is my favorite. It's about the only thing I ever want if we go out to eat! Both Hayes and Watson behaved thankfully, thanks to Nathan's sweet tea and a spoon for Hayes, and sweet W just had a full tummy so he was happy.

*Sweet cards from my babies and supper cooked all by Nathan, and Hayes helped a little.

**Huge Mother's Day present-Watson slept for 6 hours Sat. night and then 6 1/2 hours last night. Maybe night time is finally clicking w/him. I hope so!!

I love my family. They are precious to me, all 3 of them. I'm thankful they love me back.

And a BIG happy Mother's Day to Nana, Shug, Honey, Alyssa and Lindsey-5 GREAT MOTHERS! We love all of you so much. Hope your day was a special one!


Jessica said...

What a great day! Big YAY for progress with Watson's sleep. Oh, btw, we got those no spill bubbles from target. Make sure you have refills nearby- the bottle is kinda small. Happy Mothers Day!!

Regan said...

Happy Mother's Day, you sweet little momma! So glad you enjoyed your weekend. Send your family our love!

lindseykennedy said...

Aww, thanks Amy! Happy Mothers Day to you too. It sounds like it was wonderful! Watsy looks so handsome in his picture. Hope to see you soon!