Friday, May 20, 2011

The Little Mama, Storytime, and 12 weeks

Hayes has become such a sweet little mama lately. She wants to take her baby everywhere she goes. She feeds her non-stop most days. Her favorite thing to feed her is a brownie! She is constantly moving the baby's high chair around the house, from the playroom to the kitchen, dining room, etc. to find just the perfect spot. She even makes little smacking noises like the baby is eating. It's hilarious. A few times now we have found her in Watson's room rocking her baby. She will turn on the sound machine, and rock the baby in W's rocking chair, and then put the baby in Watson's crib to take a nap. It's the sweetest thing. And baby has started going everywhere w/us too. Yesterday to the playground and today to McWane. Baby is going to need baths regularly I am thinking.

My goal lately has been for afternoon naptimes to be the same for H & W. We have finally gotten into somewhat of a routine w/that and most days it works out giving me a little bit of free time. Some days she won't nap but he does, and vice versa. We have started having storytime everyday before naptime on the floor of Watson's room. Hayes picks out some books for us-her favorites are Where is my Baby? and Today is Monday. They both lay on their pillows. She will let me read for about 5 seconds and then she wants to read. She knows both of those books by heart already! W usually smiles the whole time, unless he gets kicked or bumped by his wild big sister (which is usually the way our storytime ends.)

And today Watson is 12 weeks old. He is such a little chunk of love and happiness. We laugh at him all the time because he is such a happy and jolly little baby! He seems to get bigger by the day. I know I carried Hayes around in her carrier until about 11 months. I'm thinking I have about 2 more months until he's too heavy for me. Every night my shoulders and back are hurting from carrying him in his carseat!He smiles at you anytime you look at him and loves for you to get in his face and talk to him. He has started squealing and laughing out loud alot. His little personality is really coming out. We think he's going to be pretty laid back. He's really noticing Hayes alot lately and completely lights up when he sees her. He's a funny little baby! Happy 12 weeks big boy!


lindseykennedy said...

Oh how I could eat them both up! What precious pies. Baby Dubs is looking so old these days. I love the pj's Hayes is wearing also! I think she gets her baby doll lovin from Aunt Lindsey. I was obsessed.

The Cains said...

I love the story time idea!! And W is getting so big! Can't believe he is already 12 weeks!! Time does fly when you're having fun:)