Saturday, May 14, 2011

Holley is 9!

Our oldest niece, Holley, had a big birthday yesterday. She turned NINE! That is 9 years of sweetness. She is Hayes and Watson's oldest cousin. She is polite and smart and well mannered and loving and just an all-around really good girl. Her parents are doing a great job raising her! I look at Hayes and so many times she reminds me of looking at Holley when she was little. They have lots of similarities to me. Nathan and I always say that we hope Hayes will turn out like Holley, along w/her siblings. They're all such great kids, and that's a testament to Alyssa and Cory's super solid parenting skills. (Those 2 are good role models for us!) Happy birthday, Holley. Wish we could be at your fun birthday party today. Hayes would LOVE a waterslide! We all love you so much!

And she loves AUBURN, the only one out of her fam of 5. I hope she ends up there one day, despite what her Daddy might say about that!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Amy, thank you lots and lots for the sweet note about me! I loved everything you said! I had not seen some of these pics, they are so good! :) My favorite one is of us at the Christmas dinner w/Hayes! Please tell Hayes and Watson that we love them and can't wait to see them! It won't be long! I LOVE Y'ALL!!! Love, Holley