Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Watson is 3 months

How in the world could he already be this big? It seems like he was born yesterday! 3 months has flown by so fast. W is the sweetest baby boy, very laid-back, loves to swing and ride in the stroller and eat and smile and watch his big sister. They are two peas in a pod already.

A few things about 3 months...

Wearing Size 2 diapers
3-6-9 month clothes
Naps-3 a day-takes a short morning nap, sometimes middle of the day nap, and usually a lengthy afternoon nap, all in the swing, occasionally in his crib.
Eats-ALOT-nurses about 5-6 times a day, every 3 hours, takes a bottle at bedtime-around 6:45 or 7-and a dreamfeed bottle at 9:30.
Nighttime Sleep-INCONSISTENT!! Every night is completely different. He likes to keep us guessing. Weeks 10-12 have been so much better and he has normally gotten up once to eat-around 3 or so-and then back to sleep until about 6. Saturday night he slept all night-9:30-6:30-which was 9 hours. But Sunday night he was up 3 times to eat, Monday night it was 2 times, and last night back to just 1 time. Maybe he had a growth spurt.
He just started Zantac yesterday for spitting up so much. Hoping that will help his sleeping at night too.
I have no idea what he weighs. One month ago he was 13.9. I'm assuming 14+.
He is a doll. I love having a boy. He makes us all smile w/his sweet little non-stop happy face. Seriously he wakes up smiling every morning. Loves for us to get him out of his crib. It's the sweetest thing!

(This blurry pic was the best I could get of them both-she is so fast and not slowing down for the camera.)

Hayes was 28 months yesterday. I have to document that we are deep into the terrible two's w/her. Sister has had some major meltdowns lately. She is exploding w/happiness and laughter one second and completely falling apart the next minute if she does not get her way. I read "Shepherding the Child's Heart" a few years ago. I'm about to pull it out to read again. Hoping to find some solid and practical Godly advice for these little daily fits of hers!

Lastly here is bedtime video from a few nights ago. H & W were playing on Hayes' bed. This just makes me smile. We LOVE these sweet babies so much!!

(Now that I just watched this video he looks like he is in a danger zone! She has a hard time controlling her excitement to say the least!)

Happy 3 months big boy! You make us all so happy w/your joyful little self. We love you lots and are so thankful we get to be your parents!


Shannon said...

Hey is such a big boy! So precious! I just want you to know that you are NOT alone in those terrible two's! Collier has melt downs all the time when he doesn't get his way or if we don't do exactly what he says! I may look into getting that book. We are praying our way through this stage! I keep telling myself - this too will pass!

The Piedmonts said...

Amy- your post is EXACTLY what life was like for us almost a year ago (and what it still is often). Ellie majorly went through the terrible twos where I felt like there were days she could live in time out- the girls are so dramatic from day one. and tripp was just like watson- so laid back and smiling constantly- your comment about how it just smiles so big for you to get him out of the crib is what tripp does every day- it makes me happy to get him no matter how early it is. I was just so shocked how spot on your post is. So I can say with certainty that the time for you will continue to fly by- tripp turns a year on june 19th and it makes me so sad to think how quickly it is going. document everything and enjoy every minute (even the trying ones) as I am afraid that someday we will miss even those.

The Cains said...

Love the video!! CE gets that excited and sweet Caroline only lays there with her eyes closed. Haha. Him smiling at her is so precious!!! We are right there with you on the meltdowns .... I keep trying to remind myself that this too shall pass! Can't wait to play soon!