Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching up soon...

I have lots to catch up on but not enough time to do it! Birthday parties, baby sprinkle for my friend Ashley, Memorial Day, etc. We went to Dothan over the long weekend and it's taking me forever to catch up at home and get back into a normal routine-haha! does that ever happen? I am doing really good each day to have everyone dressed, fed (which is way too frequent for the little one) groceries shopped for, meals cooked, laundry, etc. There is not enough time for anything else. I have a to-do list piling up w/simple tasks that can't seem to get done. Obviously I shouldn't be blogging either. I guess I need to stay up later or get up earlier. Neither sound like good options to me!

Watson and Hayes did great on the ride to Dothan and back. They both slept good at night, but neither had many naps which made for long days to me-too much to see and do and people to play with! It was fun and action packed as usual. Thank you to our families for having us and taking care of us!
Be back later w/pics.
Happy Wednesday!

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