Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthdays and Two Good Deals

We had a couple of May b'day parties in the last couple of weeks-cannot believe it's already June now?! But yes I can, it really feels like it now. We celebrated little Chamber's 1st birthday a few weeks ago. It was the CUTEST little 1st birthday party...bouncy house, pizza, ice cream man, cupcakes, lemonade, yummy Icing on the Cookie was perfect. Chris did an awesome job! And now Chambers is ONE. He was an adorable birthday boy! Thanks for having us, Chris!

Last week our big cousin Alice had her 8th birthday party. It was a fun waterslide, slip and slide party. Hayes got to wear her swimsuit and hang out w/some big kids. I thought she would love the slide, but sadly she did not! She would not slide down, but she did participate in the rest of the festivities, specifically the SNACKS, and enjoyed the trampoline. Little brother hung out in his carseat. I know he will be so glad when he can move and have a say-so about his where-abouts. Happy 8th birthday, ALICE!! You had an awesome party and we loved being w/you and your friends!

Birthday Girl, Alice!

Someone found the cheese puffs. She had never had them and must have eaten at least 150. She would not leave the snack table for anything.

Front and center for some birthday cookie cake. This girl loves some sweets!

W and Alice

Sweet little sister, Claire!

Lastly, here are some random tidbits...
1. I got some really cute invitations from Office Max online, of all places. They had GREAT prices and free shipping. I didn't even shop around b/c I already knew it was a good deal. Check out their site if you are in need of anything invitation-like.

2. Publix has good new baby coupons right now, which is like heaven on earth for this coupon-lover. And they are good until June 30. Huggies wipes, detergent, free Pampers wipes w/Pampers diapers, Johnson's, Baby Aveeno, etc. I love it. Grab some of the booklets next time you are there. And you can pair their coupons w/the manufacturer coupons, which makes really good deals. Is it sad that these are the things that excite me?!! Well, they do!!

3. Snapfish-100 prints for $10 w/free shipping-I saw this on Frugal Coupon Living and spent way too much time on their site trying to catch up w/my pictures (I'm about 15 months behind on Hayes and poor W does not have anything started yet for him). Don't waste your time w/the code. I ended up paying way more. Don't want anyone else to be a victim! Not really, it's just not a good deal in case you were thinking about it!

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lindseykennedy said...

That is the cutest little curly ponytail I've ever seen! Sweet Hayes is getting so big. Also, another great/cheap place for invitations is VistaPrint! They look awesome and are really cheap.