Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Date Night

Hayes had her first date night last night w/Daddy. It was cute. They had fun. She couldn't wait to get in the car and go. When I was at her door kissing her and telling her bye, she told me to close the door. I'm sure that will be a new favorite thing for her, special time one on one w/Daddy or Mommy. She does not get enough of that right now. Little brother is precious, but his sweet little baby self requires alot of one on one attention these days too, which means she does not always come first. She has handled the divided attention very well since day 1 thankfully. I think it's a good lesson for her to learn though. We do not want her to grow up thinking she's the center of the world, or the center of our family, but that she is a very important part. But a night out w/out baby brother and getting to stay up late did make her feel pretty special and I'm okay with that, because she is a special little girl!

So she got up early from her nap and jumped into the bathtub to get ready. Daddy came home early from work. She got to pick out her outfit and bow (or choose between 2.)

Where did they go? Old McDonalds (what she calls it) to eat and then to the library to hear Jim Aycock sing and play guitar.

Nathan said she paid no attention except when he played "Wheels on the Bus"-one of her favorites. He said she played w/her barbie notepad from her happy meal the whole time and jumped up once to run around the room and then came right back to her notepad and sat down.

So Mr. Hollywood and I stayed home and played and went for a long stroll. He loves a stroller ride and we usually go after supper every night. I'm starting a new night time routine for him as of last night. It's been a rollercoaster of sleepless nights trying to get him to stay asleep and not wake up so much. Last night #1 was a successful night, and I hope tonight will be just as good. He's 15 weeks and 15 pounds. He just can't be that hungry at night. I'm hopeful about our new plan!

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Regan said...

Love the pictures! Mr. W is such a chunk! I LOVE IT!!! Hang in there, he will be sleeping through the night soon. Then one day you will have trouble getting him to wake up and go to school :). Miss you guys! Send our love to the fam-jam!