Saturday, June 25, 2011

A few Random Pics of our Friday afternoon

This is the funniest little picture to me! I just uploaded some new pics and this was one of them. Nathan had just gotten home from work on Friday and Hayes pulled up a chair for him in the playroom and wanted him to take a picture with her. I've really been bragging on her about how (sometimes) she will now smile and look at the camera w/out her thumb in her mouth. Like making a REALLY big deal about it, so now she is sort of deciding she likes to take pictures! And you see her little Auburn t-shirt? Well we make a big deal about that shirt too b/c she always takes super long naps when she wears it and sleeps so good-so she loves it and always wants to wear her AU shirt when she naps. Let me tell you it's not easy getting her to take if off either. I had to bribe her w/fruit snacks last night to get her dressed to go eat. And the purple bow? Who knows. The girl likes a bow. And sweet Watson, bless his heart, he never knows when/why/how the camera works. All he knows is that big black thing is always in his face. I should have physically turned him around for this pic. He's busy studying something on that wall.

Yea! She turned me around for the camera!

Nathan is out of town today and the little ones are napping, hence the random Saturday afternoon blogging.

H-29 mos.
W-4 mos.

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