Monday, June 20, 2011

Watson's Baby Dedication, Father's Day, and a Birthday

Sunday was a big day for Watson and he didn't even know it! We had his baby dedication at church yesterday morning and he did so good! You never know how those things are going to go, but he was such a sweetie pie and smiled and giggled the whole time! It was a special moment, and I tried to soak in everything Dr. Fenton said while we were up on stage. We look so forward to seeing what God has planned for Watson's life. We know great things are ahead for him and how thankful we are that we get to be a part of his life story. Hayes did well too, sucking her thumb and holding on tight to her Daddy. It was a sweet time. All of our family travelled to be here with us and we thank everyone for coming to support us and Watson. We love this little man soooooo much and had a wonderful time celebrating his precious little almost 4 month life yesterday. Y'all are the best!!

And, of course it was Father's Day, so a great occasion to celebrate all the daddies that we love. We had lunch at our house afterwards-bbq and lots of yummy sides. And a little birthday cake time too to mark my 32nd birthday-can that really be? Time flies for sure. There is absolutely no other way I would have rather spent my birthday than being right here with all of our family yesterday. It was the best birthday weekend ever, from a pedicure and free time on Friday to chips and salsa w/our fam of 4 Sunday night and lots of fun in between. Thank you so much Nathan!!

My awesome and very selfless friend Chris did ALL of the flowers for me Friday morning! What a huge gift and blessing that was-I have no idea how to arrange flowers. Thank you SO much Chris-they were all beautiful!!

Hayes was in heaven yesterday with all of her family and cousins here as you can imagine. She loved every second of the day too. She played hard and then had a good long nap once everyone went home!

And I cannot let Father's Day go by without giving Nathan proper credit for all he does for this family. He is our #1 man around here and we definitely wouldn't survive without him! If you know Nathan personally then you know he is one super devoted husband and daddy. This is a man who is sometimes late for work, comes home every day at lunch and then again right after work all because his family comes first. This man wears a suit 5 days a week but does not mind getting in the floor on his lunchbreak to play puzzles, have a tea party, build stairs, makes shapes out of playdough, change diapers, etc. and then goes straight back to work. He will do whatever he has to do to put his family first. That's my idea of a family man. I love him so much and so do these babies!!!

Happy Father's Day, Nathan!! We love you so much!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, I love all that you said about Nathan! I love him so much, too! He is an amazing father and husband and such a blessing to our family! :) Love y'all, Alyssa